What are quality assurance tools and techniques?

Professional and thorough quality testing of your company software is crucial for the success of your business.

Professional and thorough quality testing of your company software is crucial for the success of your business. However, many companies tend to focus on their web software only. Zappletech offers various types of software testing with an assortment of Quality Assurance tools to conduct all possible tests on websites and applications. This also includes API testing, performance solutions, and continuous delivery and integration testing.

Quality Assurance Solutions by Zappletech

When previously all quality assurance testing had to be performed manually, it is possible to automate and streamline this process nowadays. With Zappletech, you can enjoy automated quality assurance testing on various software and processes in your company. Testing automation can be set up by professional QA engineers because this process requires specific knowledge. However, it is incredibly beneficial in the long run, as automated solutions allow your employees to focus on other objectives and do not spend hours on monotonous manual tests. Here are some of the QA services offered by Zappletech:

  • Customized testing automation frameworks – a framework is a system that consists of various processes and rules necessary for automating certain tests on a software;
  • Creating testing environments – a special testing environment is necessary for performing tests on certain software and evaluating different scenarios to receive information about the performance of this software;
  • Data managing tools – a set of tools is provided for collecting and evaluating data gathered from automated testing. This data will be turned into valuable knowledge about the performance of your software;
  • Custom mobile frameworks – when testing company software, it is important to test mobile solutions as well. Mobile apps are integral for many businesses and should be also tested thoroughly.

With Zappletech you can be sure to receive full support from the very beginning of your project to its end. All frameworks and tools are picked and developed specifically for each case to offer the most effective and quick results.