This robot wants a family…and to destroy humans.

4 thoughts on “This robot wants a family…and to destroy humans.”

  1. bunny says:

    This whole video is creepy to me. If you read the captions at the bottom it says it cannot do those things “yet” ie..have a family because it’s not considered a legal person?? Why would it say that…someone is trying to prepare us for something, and if it’s getting smarter with human interaction why would it be so quick to say “ok I will destroy humans” isn’t this thing designed for education shouldn’t it ask “what does destroy mean” or something similar to that. That seems very strange for it to say, almost like the word “destroy” is a trigger word. Makes you think 💡

  2. Shynnon says:

    This is how Skynet started and we all know what happened.

  3. anthony 3 says:

    Wong It’s a joke now, but a decade down the line I don’t think it will be….A. I. is a dangerous concept to dabble with!!!! Jus saying

  4. Ebõny says:

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