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This robot will grow all the food you need in your backyard.

Amazing… It’s taken nearly 50 years since he passed but finally they’ve come up with a computer run machine that will do what he did in his allotments over 60 years ago.


My remote controlled robot

My remote controlled robot: Tamiya chassis and gearbox, H bridge, Raspberry Pi zero, batteries, one cellphone recharger/ battery, decorative LED, and a wifi dongle. The cost is <$50.00 with some hours of setup and making it work <–that was the fun part. Operating code is python from Sentex on you…

YuMi Collaboration

ABB’s YuMi collaborative robot named “2016 Best Industrial Robot”

ABB recognized for achievements in technical innovation and application development at the China International Robot Show (CIROS) in Shanghai. YuMii® robot solution, the world’s first truly collaborative robot, was honored with a Golden Finger award as one of the best industrial robots of 2016 at the China International Robot Show (CIROS)…


This robot wants a family…and to destroy humans.

It’s a clear message; Robots will destroy humans!! They will now have everything to do it. With every interaction with humans robots will adopt the actions, expressions, personalities to mimic humans. Their intelligence will completely surpass human intelligence. As Sophia clearly stated she is not a “legal person.. YET” meaning…


Indian student created a wearable red robot suit.

Stop criticizing and just respect this young guy! At least he is trying to do something with small amount of money… But you, you are typing comment on the couch! I personally think this a really good creation with a budget of $750 he is smart enough to mention about…


The robot can be swallowed to collect dangerous objects

Every year 3500 swallowed button batteries are reported in U.S. This robot can be swallowed to collect dangerous objects that have been ingested accidentally. In the demo video produced by the scientists behind the invention, the robot latches onto a button battery and removes it from the stomach lining within five…


Titan the Robot came into the world

Here’s a couple of pics from Paris this weekend. I was at Euro 2016 with the British Government at their ‘England Rocks’ stand down by the Seine celebrating everything that is good about the UK! And it rocked….. What a lovely evening I had singing sea shanties to all the…